Copper Wire Recycling

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Our state of the art Copper Granulator enables us to process wire that was not before possible, this enables us to pay more for wire and be me more sustainable for the environment.

     Copper Granulator


--High purity rate 99.99% for recycling both copper and plastic/rubber
--Designed especially for Low-Grade Wires.
--Can process both Copper and Aluminum wires.
--Specialized to process automotive, communication, and other scrap wires/ cables under 9/16” in diameter.
--Will process miscellaneous wires that are not economical for a copper wire stripper.
--Environmental-friendly: no dust during operation.

      Bx Cable Wire Stripper

--Can process Aluminum & Steel BX Cables
--Equipped with an automatic copper wire stripping machine
--Reversible Motor
--Compact machine does not take up an excessive amount of room.

      Wire Striping Services

Ask about our wire stripping services for commercial accounts.