How To?

Here are some ways to maximize your return on Non-Ferrous Metals


Recycling of Copper Wire

By Removal of the plastic sheathing maximizes the most of the value that you will receive, this can be a dangerous process which can leave you with deep  cuts we will help you to maximize the most by offering you solutions so you don't have to.



With so many different grades of Aluminum with high and low grades we will help you sort and understand the various grades so you can maximize your return. Even with screws or Plastic aluminum can be down graded by over 75 percent.


Lead Recycling-Including-Lead Acid Batteries-Wheel Weights

Lead is a very toxic substance which can cause many cancerous conditions, always wear gloves and wash hands frequently afterwards, Lead Acid Batteries Can Cause Severe burns to the skin and produce toxic explosive gases in the wrong conditions,let us do all the work for you.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel, Can be very difficult to identify the old barbecue u have outside is probably magnetic stainless (cheap china made) meaning it is worth the same as tin steel. If u have a magnet u can identify if its stainless if the magnet will not stick, we can help you identify and teach u on the elements of recycling stainless, as an example some stainless kitchen sinks will have steel around it, many places will down grade, but this is not the case as stainless has an amount of steel which is also acceptable and you will not be down graded from us.


Copper and Brass Plumbing

With Copper and Brass there is lots of very different grades but Brass and copper are very good sustainable material with very high recycling returns for the customers, whether you are modelling your kitchen bathroom, Brass and copper will bring in a good return, old kitchen faucet, taps, plumbing valves etc.: